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8-12, 2-7
8-12, 2-7
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Dr. N.J. Omaboe and his staff would like to welcome you to the Cabinet Vétérinaire website.

The Cabinet Vétérinaire is located at Route Suisse 9, in Mies, Switzerland. Please use this link for driving directions.We are just minutes from Geneva and Nyon. We are proud to introduce you to Cabinet Vétérinaire via our website which we hope will serve as a source of information for you.

This website is available in English and in French to insure good communication with our clients.

Cabinet Vétérinaire Philosophy

At Cabinet Vétérinaire we treat our patients with the same respect and compassion humans expect to receive during a medical visit. Our patient's health and well being as well as their owners comfort are the primary concern at Cabinet Vétérinaire. We strive to offer the highest quality of medical care while only offering procedures which are appropriate to the individual patient. Our approach is holistic, meaning that we are concerned with the patient as a whole rather than analyzing or separating him/her into parts

Cabinet Vétérinaire Mission Statement

At Cabinet Vétérinaire we will treat all pets as if they were our own. We are dedicated to protecting and improving the health of animals. We strive to approach each patient with honesty, integrity and compassion while maintaining the highest standard of medical care. We are committed to always improving ourselves as medical care providers.


At Cabinet Vétérinaire we believe that often the best medicine is preventative medicine. As humans we know it's important for each of us to visit the dentist once a year and to have annual physical examinations. Did you know that your pet also requires routine health exams? Additionally, senior pets, like senior people, may need additional preventative care.

Remember, dogs age much faster than humans, so a once-yearly exam is similar to a human getting a physical every 5-7 years. Additionally, pets don't always show signs of early disease, and they can't always communicate pain to us. During the wellness exam, Dr. Omaboe has an opportunity to detect and prevent problems at an early stage.

Here are some basics to keep in mind when thinking about routine care for your pet:

  • Disease prevention is always less costly than the treatment of a disease once your pet has developed it.
  • Dental care keeps your pet's teeth and mouth healthy, looking good while minimizing odor. More importantly, good dental hygiene prevents pain and infection which can result in disease not only of the mouth but also of the heart, kidneys and liver.
  • Vaccinations are a critical part of your pet’s preventative healthcare routine.
  • The importance of regular wellness exams should not be underestimated. Regular exams will help your pet live a longer, happier, healthier life.
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